Ana sayfa Haberler Dosya YALTES: An incredible journey of 15 years

YALTES: An incredible journey of 15 years


“In just 15 years, YALTES has established itself as a solid supplier of Combat Management Systems, offering unique products of its own design to naval forces of many countries,” writer Yaltes Strategy Director Mehmet Yenen
YALTES, founded in 2002 as a partnership between the Turkish partner YALTES and Thales of Netherlands, has transformed into a company that delivers its original design solutions to clients across the world from being a company that initially started building according to product blueprints in just 15 years.

Initially, YALTES continued working on projects that existed before its establishment including the GENESİS Frigate Combat Management System modernization and MILGEM projects. These projects were mostly based on producing pre-designed products. However, the company which celebrated its 15th anniversary in the past year, now delivers its original design solutions worldwide.

From the get-go, YALTES stayed committed to its firm belief that improving its capabilities of high quality product design and development and ensuring sustainability were the key to success. After all these years, YALTES reached an industrial capability to provide indigenously-designed and developed unique solutions for Naval Combat Management System (CMS), Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) and Integrated Bridge System (IBS). YALTES is now more than capable of successfully completing such tasks as assembly, testing & commissioning and also provides logistic support to clients including training, documentation and after-sales support including spares provisioning and on-site repair.
All YALTES products are designed, developed and produced by Turkish engineers. At the same time, YALTES has been able to expand its client based to include many export customers, through the global marketing marketing network of Thales globe. At present, YALTES products are used by the naval forces and coast guard commands of 25 different countries. Within this client portfolio, YALTES keeps working with demanding customers all over the world.

YALTES products have been tested and tried under very tough environmental conditions. YALTES is also able to indirectly export some of its solutions and products through private Turkish shipyards.

All YALTES products, except those developed exclusively for the Turkish Armed Forces, are ready to be exported. YALTES’s product and solutions portfolio for defence applications is specially tailored to satisfy all customer needs, carrying the benefits of THALES’s expertise and strategic partnerships.

Combat Management Systems are used on a wide variety of vessels from aircraft carriers to patrol boats. CMS are also highly capable for smaller platforms although they might be quite costly. To this end, YALTES has completed the cost-effective Mission Management System (MMS). YALTES is proud of having such competitive product in terms of price-performance. YALTES MMS has been offered to several navies and coastguard organizations through Turkish private shipyards.
YALTES has successfully developed its skills in a certain field, deepening and increasing its expertise. Our products are generally focused on naval forces. YALTES products are in use on boards of various types of surface ships, submarines, in shearer applications and land-based sites. One of the strategic objectives of YALTES is achieving sustainable growth and we plan a 50 percent increase in order intake goal over the next five years. YALTES, a Turkish company is ready for the future with the support of one of the biggest international defense actors, Thales.