Ana sayfa English Edition HAVELSAN completes SIDS for new submarines

HAVELSAN completes SIDS for new submarines

Turkish defense industry giant HAVELSAN has successfully conducted production and acceptance tests for the submarine information distribution system (SIDS) for six submarines Turkey is developing as part of its New Type Submarine Project.

Following the successful completion of the last factory acceptance tests, all SIDS work for the submarines TCG PiriReis, TCG HızırReis, TCG MuratReis, TCG AydınReis, TCG SeydialiReis and TCG SelmanReis has been completed.

Maximal participation of the Turkish defense industry for the completion of six Type-214 air-independent propulsion submarines -being built by the Göcük Shipyard Command- is one of the main goals of the New Type Submarine Project.

Dubbed the “heart” of the vessels, the SIDS was developed to meet the high standards of the challenging operational environment. A product developed by Havelsan, the system is also said to have surpassed its counterparts around the world with its newly added capabilities.

A data recording system integrated with the system was also designed in line with the needs of the navy. Hardware and software updates for the new functions were completed on time and tested.

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