Ana sayfa Haberler Deniz Ticareti Market keeps growing

Market keeps growing

Tanker konteyner gemi MSC Kuru Yük tersaneler
Capesize: “AQUADIVA” (182,060 dwt, Built 2010 Odense, MAN-B&W) is sold for US$ 31 million. This reflects an increase on the price, Ceres sold one-year older sister “AQUAMARINE” (Built 2009 Odense) last month for US$ 26,5 million. Valhal Shipping is buying a further Japan-built Cape size following purchase of “RED SAGE” (182,443 dwt, Built 2015 Japan Marine United) in early April.Post Panamax: “GREAT ASPIRATION” (93,412 dwt, Built 2010 Jiangsu Jinling-ss 1/2025, dd 8/2022) and “GREAT CHEER” (93,297 dwt, Built Jiangsu Jinling 2009, ss 10/2024, dd 11/2022) are sold for US$ 17,9 million/US$ 16.8 million resp.Kamsarmax: “RICH RAINFOREST” (82,300 dwt, Built 1/2022 Jiangsu Yangzi-Mitsui ) is sold for US$ 40,8 million. “SEA HERMES” (81,708 dwt, Built 2013 Xiamen-ss/dd 1/2023) is sold for US$ 23,5 million to Turkish buyers. “COVENTRY” (82,464 dwt, Built 2011 Oshima ) is sold for US$ 26 million. A year older, “MBA LIBERTY” (82,217 dwt, Built 2010 Tsuneishi Zhoushan) has gone for US$ 23 million.Ultramax: “ATLANTIC MANZANILLO” (63,590 tdw, Built 2016-ss passed 4/2021) has obtained US$ 33 million, “BELPAREIL” (63,242 tdw, Built 2015 Jiangsu Hantong-ss 5/2020) has gone at US$ 29,5 million with a one-year timecharter back at US$ 27,250 pd. “NORD BALTIC” (62,625 tdw, Built 2018 Oshima ) is sold for US$ 36 million.Supramax: “AMOY DREAM” (56,873 dwt, Built 2010/07 Xiamen ) has been concluded to Greek buyers for reg. US$ 17 million. Seaenergy has agreed to pay US$ 18 million for “PAN CROCUS” (57,269 dwt, Built 2009 STX Dalian Shipbuilding-dd 5/2024). At a sale by auction, “HUA RONG 3” (56,467 dwt, Built 2013 Zhejiang Zhenghe-last ss 5/2018) was sold against a bid of US$ 17,85 million. “AP STON” (57,239 tdw, Built 2012 STX Jinhae ) has been finalized at US$ 19,5 million; delivery is not scheduled until end year when ss/dd will be due.

Handy: Swire has sold “EREDINE” (39,855 dwt, Built 2014 Chengxi-ss/dd 5/2024) for US$ 24,5 million. Sister “ERISKAY” (39,810 dwt, Built 2015 Chengxi, cranes 4 x 36 tons, Wartsila – ss 1/2020) for US$ 25,5 million, ie a million dollars more Janchart, Denmark is buying “IONIC HUNTRESS” (34,062 tdw, Built 2012 Dae Sun) for US$ 19 million with surveys and BWTS due. “TAN BINH 239” (32,912 dwt, Built 2010 Zhejiang Zhenxing-ss 4/2025, dd 6/2023) has been sold for US$ 13 million, “TEAM CHALLENGE” (28,710 dwt, Built 2004 Shin Kochi) is going to Greeks for US$ 9 million with ss/dd due 12/2022.

Sovcomflot is forced to sell their vessels due to EU sanctions but we do not yet know the price levels: “SCF SHANGHAI” (320,701 dwt, Built 2014 Bohai,9) is sold to Al Seer Marine, UAE. “SVET” (321,039 dwt, Built 2013 Bohai) is sold to Al Seer Marine, UAE. “LOMONOSOV PROSPECT” (113,226 dwt, Buit 2018 Hyundai Samho) is sold to Capital. “MENDELEEV PROSPECT” (113,189 dwt, Built 2018 Hyundai Samho) is sold to Capital. “GAGARIN PROSPECT” (113,170 dwt, Built 2018 Hyundai Samho) is sold to Capital. “SAMUEL PROSPECT” (113,095 dwt, Built 2019 Hyundai Samho) is sold to Capital (the four Aframaxes above are LNG dual fueled).

In other sales, Andriaki Shipping has sold their VLCC “LEONIDAS” (318,325 dwt, Built 2009 Hyundai H.I., passed ss 10/2019) to Sinokor for US$ 42 million. “NEW TALISMAN” (296,068 dwt, Built 2009 Bohai – passed dd 9/2022) received US$ 38,2 million.

VLCC: “DHT HAWK” (298,923 dwt, Built 2007 Nantong Cosco KHI ) is sold for US$ 40 million and sister “DHT FALCON” (Built 2006) is sold for US$ 38 million. “NEW SPIRIT” (298,972 dwt, Built 2005 Universal Japan ) has been sold at US$ 33.85 million.

Suezmax: “CAP PIERRE” (159,083 dwt, Built 2004 Samsung-ss 1/2024) is sold to Metrostar for US$ 21,5 million. The sale took place a few weeks ago, delivery was last week, new name “HUELVA STAR”.

Aframax: “FSL HONG KONG” (115,940 dwt, Built 2007 Samsung ) has been sold with ss/dd and BWTS all due, price US$ 19,5 million. A sister, Teekay’s “HELGA SPIRIT” (115,515 dwt, Built 2005 Samsung-ss 1/2025) has received US$ 17,5 million.

LR2: “ALMI STAR” (114,880 dwt, Built 2005 Daewoo-next ss 8/2025) is said to have achieved US$ 18,25 million. Castor Maritime is reported to have sold “WONDER ARCTURUS” (106,149 dwt, Built 2002 Hyundai H.I-trading DPP) for US$ 13,15 million. She is Cap 1 but due for ss/dd 5/2022. The epoxy coated “ALMI SPIRIT” (105,547 dwt, Built 2007 Hyundai H.I.) has achieved US$ 20 million from Chinese buyers.

LR1: Buyers are paying US$ 10,6 million for LR1 “AMALIA” (73,869 dwt, Built 2006 New Century-ss 12/2026).

MR: A sale of pumproom type “MAERSK MESSINA” (48,056 dwt, Built 06/2009 Iwagi Zosen-last ss 7/2019) is reported at US$ 16,5 million with dd due. Sisters “ISOLDE” (37,527 dwt, Built 2008 Hyundai Mipo, Ice 1A, IMO II/III-next ss/dd 7/2023) and “LUGANO” (Built 2007) are sold to Greek buyers for about US$ 11 million each.

Handy: Stolt-Nielsen has acquired three stainless steel chemical tankers from Kawasaki, “GENUINE HERCULES” (33,559 dwt, Built 2013 Kitanihon, IMO II/III-ss 3/2023) and “GENUINE VENUS” (33,552 dwt, Built 2013, ss 7/2023) at US$ 25,8 million each and sister “GENUINE GALAXY” (33,591 dwt, Built 2012, next ss 3/2027) at US$ 24,5 million.

A.P. Moller is reported to have sold “BRO NYBORG” (16,564 dwt, Built 2007 Qiuxin S/Y, IMO II, Marineline ) and three sisters, all built in the same year, “BRO NIBE”, “BRO NORDBY” and “BRO NAKSKOV”. “ORKIM AMBITION” (6,921 dwt, Built 2009 Ningbo Dongfang, epoxy ) is sold tt Indonesian buyers, price US$ 3,25 million.

“JAG VIJAYA” (35,420 cbm, Built 1997 Mitsubishi ) has been sold at excess US$ 8 million with ss due 7/2022. The Sanmar Group has paid US$ 9 million for LPG carrier “CLIPPER HARALD” (12,660 cbm, Built 1999 Thyssen Nordseewerke ). Eastern Pacific is acquiring Sovcomflot’s LNG carriers “SCF MITRE” and “ (170,200 cbm, Built STX 2015, 4 x MAN-ss 4/2025) and sister “SCF MELAMPUS” for US$ 150 million each including transfer of long term employment to Shell.

MSC is paying US$ 70 million for “XIN FENG YANG PU” (5,089 TEU, 68,383 dwt, Built 2006 Hanjin, gearless, MAN-B&W) The Chinese sellers were paid US$ 7,2 million for the vessel back in 2017.

Owners of “MSC PARIS” (8,204 TEU, 102,761 dwt, Built 2006 Hyundai H.I-ss 1/2021) have sold her for US$ 31 million including a time charter to MSC until early 2025.

Euroseas is buying two Seaspan vsls at discounted prices reflecting below market rates on existing employment attached to the vessels, “SEASPAN MANILA” (4,248 TEU, 50,869 dwt, Built 2007 Samsung) and “SEASPAN MELBOURNE” (Built 2005)-price US$ 37 million en bloc.

CMA CGM paid around US$ 40 million for “STELLAR WINDSOR” (1,708 TEU, 21,419 dwt, Built 2009 Imabari-ss 12/2019). Mount Street is the buyer of “SMILEY LADY” (1,730 TEU, 23,075 dwt, Built 1999 Szczecin ) price US$ 20 million.

LR2: Tankers-four option two of 115,000 dwt ordered by Navios Maritime Partners at a shipbuilder believed to be K Shipbuilding. Price US$ 58,5 million each plus extras of US$ 4,2 million per vessel. The two first vessels, due in 2024 are chartered to Chevron for 5 years at US$ 25,576 per day plus five one-year options.

Container: 8,000 TEU-CMA-CGM has contracted eight with LNG dual fuel at Hyundai H.I., price US$ 120 million per vessel, 2,800 TEU-options for two at Hyundai Mipo declared by Euroseas, delivery 4Q 2024, price US$ 86 million each,1,100 TEU-four ordered from Wuchang by CA Shipping, deliveries 2023, price US$ 23 million apiece. 13,000 TEU-Ocean Network Express (ONE) has ordered two batches of five vessels at excess US$ 160 million each, split between Imabari and Hyundai H.I., five each. Deliveries will commence from SH 2024. 7,700 TEU-four option four LNG dual-fueled units contracted by Seaspan at K Shipbuilding for deliveries 2024-2025. Price reg. US$ 125 million apiece. 1,800 TEU-an order for ten of this size has been at placed by SITC at Huanghai Shipbuilding, deliveries commencing FH 2024, unit price reg. US$ 30 million.

Ultramax: One 64,000 dwt Ultramax ordered by Globus Maritime, Greece from Nihon Shipyard for delivery FH 2024, price US$ 37,5 million. Two of 64,000 dwt ordered by Globus Maritime at Nacks, US$ 35,15 million per vessel for deliveries SH 2024. This follows the same Owners’ recent order for one Ultramax from Nihon Shipyard, Japan-price US$ 37,5 million.

Handymax: Namura has won an order from Taiwan Navigation for two 40,000 dwt log-fitted handymax types, price US$ 32,2 million each, delivery SH 2024. Meadway Shipping has ordered two from Namura as well. Delivery 3Q 2024, price undisclosed.

PCTCs: Mitsui OSK has contracted four PCTC types with 7,000 CEU capacity, two from Nihon Shipyard and two from Shin Kurushima. The vessels will be LNG fuelled with deliveries 2024 & 2025.

LNG: Multiple orders placed by various Owners on the back of charters from Petronas, Malaysia:

– 3×180,000 cbm at Samsung for H-Line, Korea-US$ 224,5 million each-1/2026
– 3×180,000 cbm at Samsung for TMS Cardiff Gas-US$ 230,7 million each-3/2006
– 2×174,000 cbm at Hyundai H.I. for SK Shipping, Korea-US$ 222,5 million each-2025+
– 2×174,000 cbm at Hyundai Samho for SK Shipping, Korea-US$ 222,5 million each-2025+
– 4×174,000 cbm at Hudong Zhonghua for K-Line, Japan-price tba
LNG 174,000 cbm-CNOOC has ordered twelve of these at Hudong Zhonghua. Deliveries stretching from 2024 through 2027, price US$ 201.6 million per vessel

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