Ana sayfa English Edition Editor Picks YILPORT Holding submits offer for Taranto Container Terminal concession

YILPORT Holding submits offer for Taranto Container Terminal concession


YILPORT Holding has recently submitted an offer for the operation of port facilities in the port of Taranto, Italy.

The Ionian Sea Port Authority (AdSP), the agency which runs the Port of Taranto has officially confirmed that it has received YILPORT Holding’s offer for operating the entire set of multi-purpose port facilities at the Port of Taranto. These terminals in Southern Italy handle container traffic, bulk cargo and serve ro-ro traffic. Well-located as a relay hub along the Mediterranean, the terminals are integrated to intermodal networks, connecting Southern Italy to Northern Italy and finally to the center of Europe.

YILPORT’s proposal covers developing and revamping the terminal facilities to increase container volume, improve the logistics network and serve general cargo and ro-ro traffic, all in line with YILPORT’s multi-purpose terminal operator brand. YILPORT aims to utilize the maximum capacity of Port of Taranto and is targeting to increase the annual cargo volume rapidly. The company stated that the volume growth will be supported through significant investments and employment upsurge. The Ionian Sea Port Authority is currently reviewing YILPORT Holding’s concession offer.

YILPORT Holding, a subsidiary of YILDIRIM Group of Companies, continues advancing towards its goal of ranking among the world’s top 10 container terminal operators by 2025. Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, and active in eight countries with 20 marine ports and 6 dry terminals, YILPORT Holding currently ranks 13. among global container terminal operators. The parent company YILDIRIM Holding also owns 24 percent shares of CMA CGM Group, the third largest container shipping company.