Ana sayfa English Edition Temporary acceptance signed for KB-1

Temporary acceptance signed for KB-1


A tepmorary acceptance signing ceremony was held on 16 December for the first of the 122 patrol boats being builty by ARES Shipyard for the Coat Cuard Command at an event attended by officials of the Presidency of Defence Industries and the Interior Ministry’s Coast Guard Commmand, and the Polic eDepartment.

The project is accepted as the largest mass produciton protection in the history of shipbuilding. The endurance tests of first boat, Kb1 including impac and free-fall tests were conducted in October and November 2021 under the toughest marine and atmosphering conditions along a route of 550 nautical miles.

Six boats will be delivered eerie two month until 2025. The boats are under construction in Antalya.

ARES 35 FPB Sepcifications
♦ Length overall: 12 meter
♦ Beam: 3,75 meter
♦ Hull Draught: 0,80 meter
♦ Main propulsion sistem:
2 x Diesel Engines & Waterjets
♦ Max Speed: 38 knots
♦ Range: 160 nautical miles

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