Ana sayfa English Edition Steel cutting ceremony for 4th MİLGEM

Steel cutting ceremony for 4th MİLGEM


The steel cutting ceremony for the fourth Turkey-made corvette tailored for Pakistan’s navy was held in the southern port city of Karachi on June 15.

The ceremony at the Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works –Pakistan Navy’s specialized shipbuilding division– was attended Chief of Naval Staff of Pakistan Adm. Amjad Khan Niazi, Esad Akgün, the Chief Executive Officer of Turkey’s state-run defense firm ASFAT, and other senior officials from both countries.

Akgün, in his remarks, said that with the groundbreaking of the fourth corvette, the project is entering a phase of constructing all four ships at the same time. Despite the setbacks of the pandemic, he said, ASFAT is doing “everything humanly possible to complete the project on time and on budget.”

Speaking about the MİLGEM project, he said the production and installation of some 32 blocks on the slipway have been completed, both in Karachi and İstanbul. Of these 32 blocks, he went on to say, 23 were produced and installed in Istanbul, while the remaining nine in Karachi. Another 14 blocks have been produced in Turkey, and are ready to be installed, he added.

MİLGEM vessels are 99 meters (325 feet) long with a displacement capacity of 24,00 tons and can move at a speed of 29 nautical miles.

In July 2018, the Pakistan Navy signed a contract for the acquisition of four MİLGEM (National Ship) Ada class ships with Turkish state-owned defense firm ASFAT. According to the plan, two corvettes will be built in Turkey and the other two in Pakistan, which will also include technology transfer.

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