Ana sayfa English Edition MarineLine leads in Turkey with 90 percent of market share

MarineLine leads in Turkey with 90 percent of market share

MarineLine Türkiye, the coating solutions company of the the US-based Advanced Polymer Coatings, a 50 – 50 percent Turkish-American partnership, ranks among the most preferred companies for coating the inner lining of cargo tanks on new newbuilt chemical tankers in Turkey.
In April, MarineLine Türkiye started coating the inner linings the cargo tanks of a 16.000-dwt chemical tanker being built at RMK Shipyard for DİTAŞ.
MarineLine Türkiye General Manager Captain Koray Karagöz stated that MarineLine Türkiye is the only company in Turkey which offers coating application services for inner linings of chemical tanker tanks, making the company a sure market leader with 90 percent market share. Recalling that MarineLine recently signed a contract for coating of carog tanks on two 8,400-dwt chemical tankers ordered by Med Marine, which were built by Atlas Yard in 2018, Karagöz said: “We completed the application on one of these tankers in 2018. We are starting the second project at Atlas Shipyard this April. We also signed a new contract with Med Marine for two other 8,400-dwt newbuilds currently under construction at the company’s own yard at Karadeniz Ereğli and we started coating work on one of these tankers; with the application on the second vessel’s tanks scheduled for later this year.”
“Yet another tanker whose cargo tanks will be coated by Marine Türkiye this year is the new 6,400-dwt chemical tanker, ordered by Baytaş Tanker at Çeksan Shipyard. Previously, coatings of inner linings of tanks on two 6,4000-dwt chemical tankers built by Çeksan in 2018 for the same company were also applied by MarineLine Türkiye.”
“MarineLine Türkiye was also the choice of Nakkaş Shipping for its new 5,600-dwt chemical tanker to be built by Herçelik Shipyard. We had coated the tanks of a chemical tanker of the same size owned by the same company in 2018,” he recalled.
Highlighting the company’s achievements in the field of road tankers and in the industrial segment, Karagöz noted that the “MarineLine Application Center” was certified last year as being compliant with Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). “With this certificate, MarineLine Turkey will coat the inner linings of road tankers and iso-containers with the acidic corrosion resistant “Chemline” products in order to prevent corrosion when transporting acids. This is a first in Turkey in the sense that we are the first company to have been certified by TSE in this area. Thanks to these developments, we are planning to coat about 100 road tankers and tank cars by the end of the year.”
To date, MarineLine Turkey has successfully completed a total of 61 projects: 28 in the shipping industry, 23 in the industrial sector and 10 projects abroad, Karagöz noted, adding that most recently the company won a tender for the painting-coating and maintenance-repair-renovation of the Petkim refinery, a 14-month project which is still ongoing. Other projects completed by MarineLine Türkiye included coating of the inner linings of absorber and auxiliary tanks at a thermal plant operated by ODAS Energy in Çanakkale’s Çan district and the absorber tank project at İzdemir Energy’s thermal plant located in Aliağa, a district in the Western province of İzmir. “These have been good projects for us. Through them, the surface area coated with Chemline/MarineLine coatings has expanded by 24.16 In addition to these developments, we will continue a coating the linings of the storage tanks of SOLVENTAS, Turkey’s largest chemical tanker storage facility. Earlier this year, we completed work on the inner linings of three storage tanks with Chemline.”
Karagöz said the company is concentrating on actively providing services throughout in 2019 both in the industrial segment, the marine industry and the road transport industry. Karagöz said, “In addition to the projects I have mentioned we will continue our newbuild chemical tanker and recoating projects domestic and international chemical tankers; our Chemline coating projects on road tankers and containers and chemical storage facilities and also continue our activities in Europe and Middle East successfully. We will also be providing technical assistance to projects being carried out in China by our parent company Advanced Polymer Coatings, and we will send five technical personnel to that country.”