Ana sayfa English Edition Yonca Onuk’s MRTP16 breaks speed record

Yonca Onuk’s MRTP16 breaks speed record

Yonca Onuk’s Kaan-class fast intervention craft MRTP16, has broken a world record by increasing its speed up to 76.4 knots (140 km) while fully loaded during speed trials.

The MRTP 16 was designed to assist the Turkish Navy and the marine security forces in territorial and coastal waters. It is 17.75 meters long with a beam of 4.19.

The craft is built on the ONUK KO-02 deep V form; based on the ONUK KO-01 design of the MRTP15. With its 2 x 1200 kW diesel motor, it can fulfill tasks at speeds above 70 knots over distances of more than 300 nautical miles.

The vessel’s fuel tank has a capacity of 2800 liters. It can accomodate five crew and can hold 350 liters of potable water on board.

The weapons system employed on the MRTP16 is the Aselsan Stamp, developed by ASELSAN. The newest model has seen upgrades from the previous models in terms of maneuvering capability, living standards on board and ease of maintenance.

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