Ana sayfa English Edition US Navy sets off 3.9 magnitude earthquake

US Navy sets off 3.9 magnitude earthquake

US Navy

The US Navy on 22 June detonated 40,000 pounds of high explosives underwater near the new aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford as part of a test known as a full ship shock trial.

The test, designed to test whether the ship can withstand a near-miss in combat, led to an explosive charge so powerful that seismographs on land recorded it as a 3.9 magnitude earthquake.

The USS Gerald R. Ford, which the Navy commissioned in 2017, is the first of the class of Ford-class carriers. However, the ship has yet to conduct a patrol, because it has suffered extensive teething problems on several brand-new technologies, including the electromagnetic aircraft launch system that replaces more traditional steam-powered aircraft catapults, as well as advanced weapon elevators.

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