Ana sayfa English Edition Tersan shipyard launches second trawler for Okeanrybflot

Tersan shipyard launches second trawler for Okeanrybflot

Tersan Shipyard Inc. on 22 June launched Vladimir Biryukov, the NB1106 Freezer Stern Trawler, for Russian Far East fishing company Okeanrybflot.

The first of the two trawlers built for Okeanrybflot, Georgiy Meshcheryakov, had earlier completed successful sea trials and is now currently being prepared for completion and delivery, as sister vessel Vladimir Biryukov has been floated off for fitting out at that yard.

The Skipsteknisk-designed vessels each have a 108 metre overall length and a 20 metre beam, with accommodation for up to 150 crew. They are designed for extended operation, and to be able to spend up to eleven months at sea between port calls. Both are built with substantial ice reinforcement to cope with the challenging conditions of the Sea of Okhotsk where they will fish for Alaska pollock.

Georgiy Meshcheryakovn and Vladimir Biryukov will also fish for herring, mackerel and pollock in the Pacific, with a variety of high-value products produced on board. The two trawlers are laid out for pelagic and semi-pelagic trawling.

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