Ana sayfa English Edition Sanmar is discontinue to three tugs series

Sanmar is discontinue to three tugs series

Sanmar will discontinue to their early Sanmar, Dogancay and Ulupinar Series which to date have accounted for 31, 26 and 20 units built and delivered respectively since 1995. They will work up with new designs for meet today’s challenges of greater fuel efficiency, lower emissions and crew comfort without compromising on build quality and toughness.

The Yenicay series (designated RAscal 1800) of compact tugs has been developed exclusively by Robert Allan Ltd., to address the challenges of modern, high-performance Z-drive line-handling and smaller ship-handling tugs. The Yenicay hull form has been developed, based on a wide array of designs, to manoeuvrability, and stability in all modes of operation. Featuring a robust, all-welded steel construction, scantlings significantly in excess of the minimums of any classification society, as well as equipped with heavy duty deck equipment and all-round fendering for all ship-handling operations; the Yenicay class has already found an enthusiastic audience with number 12 in the series presently under construction.

Sanmar’s Bozcay series (designated RApport 1900SX) is a safe, robust, and seaworthy tug ideal for general harbour and coastal towing duties. It meets all international and classification standards for construction and stability and is built to a very high standard of finish.

Sırapınar series (designated RAmparts 2200). Designed around an intended low-manning operation with a high standard of machinery automation the accommodation can nevertheless be adjusted to match almost any reasonable requirement. Furthermore, the Sırapınar class meets the requirement of the under 24m rule. Again a Robert Allan Limited design, it has built on the success of Sanmar’s 60-75t bollard pull Boğacay series of which over 40 have been constructed. Sırapınar is closest to the Boğaçay but with a 2m decrease in length and 0.4m in beam. Subject to the main machinery and propulsion system selected by the customer the Sirapinar class will be able to supply up to 60 tons bollard pull, although the majority delivered to date have been 50t BP.

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