Ana sayfa English Edition Rob Report: Turkey is a leading contender in yacht building

Rob Report: Turkey is a leading contender in yacht building

Turkey is also a serious contender in yacht building, according to an article published in early october in Robb Report, which noted that a rich maritime heritage, pedigree craftsmanship and low wages have created a niche that positions the country at the heart of yacht production.

The article penned by Julia Zaltzman continued, ”The collection of brands dotted along Turkey’s Mediterranean coastline include Turquoise, Akyacht, Alia, Vicem, Sirena, Dunya and Bilgin, along with lesser-known builders. After it’s delivered later this year, Dream Symphony- a magnificent 462.7-foot schooner built by Dream Ship Victory- will become the largest private sailing yacht in the world, knocking the Dutch-built Black Pearl off the podium.”

There have been some impressive names to come out of Turkey, including the sailing yacht Maltese Falcon, the 348-ft. Dream, 253-foot Go, and the 236-foot Axioma, among dozens of others, the article noted.
“It’s now accepted that Turkey ranks third in the world for yacht construction in terms of total feet, after Italy and Holland,” Alexei Mikhailov, founder and president of Bering Yachts, told Robb Report. “In my opinion, it will soon be considered second.”

Finally, the article commented “If the growing demand for new yachts following this year’s Cannes and Monaco yacht shows is any indication, Turkey’s boatbuilding sector could be in for a strong run over the next three years.”

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