Ana sayfa English Edition Editor Picks MedCruise elects first ever president from Turkey

MedCruise elects first ever president from Turkey

Figen Ayan
Figen Ayan, Galataport’s Deputy General Manager in charge of Port Operations, has been elected as the new president of the MedCruise association, which represents ports and stakeholders related to the cruise business in the Mediterranean and its adjoining seas.

Ayan becomes the first Turkish and second female president of the Association,which represents 140 cruise ports. Ayan, who has 27 years of experience in the industry, has been working in the field of port operations since 2005. She was elected for a three-year term.

In a speech after her election to the position, Ayan said “While, we as the members of MedCruise, are far more than the faces, agencies or promoters of destinations…We are the ones who can resolve diplomatic matters in the most delicate way for the good of our ports and destinations. We are the ones, who can reach and go above the environmental goals dictated by the governments for the good of our planet and future generations.”

The Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports Promotes the cruise industry and unites the ports of ‘Mare Nostrum’ and its adjoining seas, the second biggest market for the industry. It has 74 members from 21 countries, representing 140 ports. Galataport Galataport İstanbul and cruise ports of Kuşadası, Bodrum, Antalya, Alanya and Trabzon from Turkey are also MedCruise member ports.

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