Ana sayfa English Edition HullWiper hull cleaning now available in Mauritius

HullWiper hull cleaning now available in Mauritius

Underwater hull cleaning specialist HullWiper Ltd has launched its first East African hull cleaning solution in partnership with Immersub of Mauritius. HullWiper’s patented remotely operated vehicle (ROV) hull cleaning system uses adjustable seawater jets under variable pressure to remove fouling, minimizing the risk of damage to expensive anti-fouling coatings. No divers are used, so there is no risk to human life and cleaning can be conducted day or night, in most weather conditions, and while cargo operations are underway. Removed residues are collected by an onboard filter and deposited into dedicated drums onshore for locally-approved environmental disposal. The filter also reduces the risk of cross-pollination of waters with alien species.
The agreement with Immersub was signed under HullWiper’s leasing program, introduced in 2017 to work with partners around the world to offer shipowners and operators a cost-efficient, brush- and diver-free alternative to traditional hull cleaning methods.