Ana sayfa Yazarlar Emin Yaşacan Flight-by-Night (Daily life of a shipowner)

Flight-by-Night (Daily life of a shipowner)

Emin Yaşacan
How will we fix the next voyage? Who is going to be the broker? Who is going to be the charterer? What’s the freight rate? Will it save the day? Is the charterer reliable? What is the cargo? What will be the port of call? Is it a safe port? How is the supply capacity of the port? Will i catch the laycan? When will they start loading? How will I load my ship at the roads of Kavkaz? Why is the floating crane approaching so fast? Is the crew filming the collision? Will they fix the damage on the hull? Will the class approve repairs? Should i notify the flag state? How will I notify the harbour master? Will the agent deliver the report to the harbour master? Will the class give permission for the second damage on the hull? Will the port allow hot work at the roads? Where can i do the gas-free operation of the fuel tanks before repairs? How can I supply fresh water running out so fast ? How many tons have left after the collision? Why the time is running so fast? Why am I left alone dealing with all these? Why charterer is not dealing with this? Why these companies nominated by the charterers are my servants but not charterers’? What is Himalaya clause? Why they call it ‘Himalaya’ anyways? Why nobody is not answering my phone calls at the agent side? Should I appoint a protecting agent? Who is going to cover my loss of hire? Why is this stevedore company buying local pandi insurance but not international? What kind of a pandi club is this ? Why my pandi is not protecting me? What is pandi? Should I inform the hull insurance despite the fact that it will be almost the deductible amount? Should I arrest the floating crane barge? Why is this lawyer asking for moon for this procedure? Will the charterer resume loading operations? How many months does the class give permisson for the unrepaired part? Will the receivers claim for delay? Will the pandi club give LOU? Why is the investigation report taking so long to issue by the port? Why 60 days? Why not 360 days? What if the liable party sells the units meantime? Why is there no maritime courts here at this part of the world? Will I be able to freeze the selling process? How come loss amount reached to usd 250k? Should I appoint a protecting agent? Is it too late? Should I fly to Novorossiysk instead? Why are the flights always red eye flights? Would P&I correspondent help me? Why am I driving all the way to port of Kavkaz? Why has the agent vanished? Where am I going? Why did the harbour master refuse to talk to me? Will PSC come on board again for final inspection? Should I tender NOR meantime? What if PSC stops loading operations meantime? How many tons of fresh water has left in tanks? Why do crew members start fighting to each other meantime? Is it because that they now demand their salaries in USD rather than Turkish Lira? Why is the value of Turkish Lira decreasing so dramatically? What is happening with the economy in my country? Why do the crew members keep on taking showers so often? Why supplying fresh water is so difficult? Should I take the risk and start loading cargo? Will I be able to transfer final D/A when it is bank holiday in Turkey for one week? Should I purchase another ship? What is happening with the freight market? Why do S&P brokers keep calling me? Does it have to be bank holiday in Europe today? Why PSC officers are not around? Why tomorrow never comes? Why didn’t I buy FD&D cover? Why didn’t I buy loss of hire cover? Is it really 1 day to finalise the loading? Why does the agent tell me that PSC doesn’t need to come on board again? Will I be able to get time permission for repairing secondary damage from the class? Why is shipchandler so late? Am I second best shipowner in the vicinity? Should I buy purchase a larger vessel to be serviced? Why does everyone say that size doesn’t matter? How come waves are so high in Azov Sea? Should I stay until my ship sets sail or should I go now? Why does my wife think that I watch YouTube everyday? Do I need sedatives? Or do I need a drink? What shall have for dinner tonight? Should I fly back to Istanbul tonight? Or should I fly by night?