Ana sayfa English Edition Cemre Shipyard picks Hydroniq Coolers for wellboat systems

Cemre Shipyard picks Hydroniq Coolers for wellboat systems

Cemre Shipyard

Cemre Shipyard has awarded Norway’s Hydroniq Coolers a contract for the delivery of a marine cooling system for two wellboats, including one that  will be the world’s largest live fish carrier.

Cemre Shipyard is currently building the two wellboats -respectively newbuilds 76 and 77- for the Norwegian wellboat company Seistar Holding.

Hydroniq Coolers will supply its hull-integrated “Rack” seawater cooling system to the two wellboats. The Rack cooler is integrated in the hull below the main engine room of the vessel, where it reduces temperatures in the ship’s engines and other auxiliary systems through use of seawater, but without taking up valuable engine room space. This is a favoured solution for both vessel crew and owners.

“Our Rack seawater cooler is the most popular choice amongst the Norwegian shipyards that are building wellboats. It is becoming increasingly popular internationally too, with Cemre Shipyard being one of the international frontrunners who are very familiar with our technology,” says Jan Inge Johannesen, sales manager at Hydroniq Coolers.

Developed by the SALT Ship Design, the two live fish carriers for Seistar will be equipped with circular fish tanks. The vessels will be 69,9 metres and 110 metres long, respectively.

The bigger vessel will have a storage capacity of 8,000 cubic metres and a deadweight of approximately 12,000 tonnes, making it the world’s largest live fish carrier once completed. The smaller vessel will have a load capacity of 2,200 cubic metres.

“Some would argue that size doesn’t matter, but everyone in the maritime and aquaculture industries will admit that it is always fun to be involved with the biggest projects. We a Hydroniq Coolers are no different, and we look forward to delivering a seawater cooling system that is a perfect fit for these very different vessels,” adds Jan Inge Johannesen.

Hydroniq Coolers will manufacture and assemble the equipment at its headquarters outside Aalesund, Norway, and deliver it to Cemre Shipyard in Turkey.