Ana sayfa English Edition Cemre Shipyard launches trawler HARDHAUS

Cemre Shipyard launches trawler HARDHAUS

Cemre Shipyard has launched the fishing trawler HARDHAUS for the Norwegian fishing company Hardhaus at a ceremony.

HARDHAUS, designed by Salt Ship Design, has a RWS tank capacity of 2,300 cubic meters.The vessel, which has a length of 74.5 meters, a beam of 16 meters and 9.3 meter draft has been classed by DNV GL.

The trawler, which has hybrid propulsion, can run in the diesel-mechanic mode as traditional fishing vessels and can also operate in electric propulsion mode.

Owing to its 1000 kWh battery, it can switch to ‘peak shaving’ mode, allowing for instant speed boost — crucial in the fishing industry — as well as significantly lower emissions.

Through its heat recovery system, the vessel uses energy efficiently and doesn’t call for the installation of heating systems onboard.

Based on the client’s request, the vessel’s hull shape has been optimized by Salt Ship Design to be more energy-efficient and durable in rough seas.

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