Canada likely to resume arms exports to Turkey

MDN İstanbul

Canada and Turkey have reached a deal to restart Canadian exports of drone parts in exchange for more transparency on where they are used, and it would take effect after Ankara completes its ratification of Sweden’s NATO bid, two sources have told Reuters.

After 20 months of delay, Turkey moved swiftly this week to endorse Sweden’s membership in the western military alliance through a parliamentary vote and presidential sign-off, leaving Hungary as the sole ally yet to ratify it.

Turkey was expected to send the final documents to Washington in late January, which would clear the way for Canada to immediately lift the export controls that it adopted in 2020, the two sources said, requesting anonymity.

The agreement was reached in early January after months of talks, said one person familiar with the process. A second person familiar with the plan said the sides agreed it would take effect after Sweden’s ratification is complete.

Turkey’s foreign ministry declined to comment.

Canadian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Charlotte MacLeod told Reuters that while the export controls remain in place, Ottawa aims to resolve the issue with Turkey given its status as a NATO ally.

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