Bodrum Cruise Port opens season with arrival of Emerald Azzurra


Global Investment Holding’s subsid-iary and the world’s largest cruise port operator, Global Ports Holding, welcomed the season’s first ship at its Bodrum Cruise Port.

The 110-meter long, 100-passenger capacity Emerald Azzurra, owned by Emerald Cruises, arrived at Bodrum Cruise Port on March 21, carrying the season’s first passengers.

The Emerald Azzurra which flies a Bahamas flag arrived at Bodrum Cruise Port from Rhodes at 08:00 on March 21 and was scheduled to depart for Kuşadası Port around 23:00. The ship carried 75 passengers, primarily from Australia, America, and Canada, as well as 74 crew members. Pas-sengers disembarking the ship were greeted with gifts and flowers to mark Bodrum Cruise Port’s 15th service year.

Bodrum’s popularity among cruise ships has increased each year, with the port breaking records in 2022 in terms of the number of ships and passengers it hosted, ranking among Türkiye’s top three. An even higher number of ships and passengers are expected in 2023.

Throughout 2023, several cruise ships, including Norwegian Jade from Norwegian Cruise Line, Mein Schiff 5 from Tui Cruises, Emerald Azzurra and Sakara from Emerald Cruises, Evrima from Ritz Carlton Yacht Group, and Seabourn Encore from Seabourn Cruises, will be sailing in Bodrum waters. Additionally, Bodrum will host Virgin Voyage’s Resilient Lady this year, a ship that will not visit any other port in Türkiye.
The Turkish cruise ship Blue Sap-phire, which successfully conducted passenger exchange operations in 2022, has chosen Bodrum Cruise Port as its main port for this year as well. Blue Sapphire plans to make 46 trips from Bodrum, accommodating an average of 60,000 passengers.

Aziz Güngör, Director of Global orts Holding’s Eastern Mediterrane-an Ports, stated, “Our goal at Bodrum Cruise Port is to host the world’s larg-est ships during the new season, as we did last season. There is great interest in both our country and Bodrum. We are hosting ships carrying thousands of passengers from all over the world at our port. We expect this number to increase further in the new season. Welcoming the season’s first passen-gers in Bodrum is a great source of excitement for us.”
Operated by Global Ports Holding, Bodrum Cruise Port provides compre-hensive terminal services, maritime services, and ancillary services. Having made significant investments in port facilities, including terminal buildings and pier construction, Bodrum Cruise Port offers various amenities, such as duty-free shopping areas, travel agen-cies, restaurants, and cafes. The port received the Green Port accreditation from the Ministry of Transport, Mar-itime Affairs, and Communication’s Directorate General of Maritime Com-merce and Turkish Standards at the end of 2015.

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