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Dr. İhsan ÖZSOY, ASELSAN Naval Surface Systems Director, tells MarineDeal News that ASELSAN is the leading military electronics systems company in Turkey, and is also the major system integrator for naval systems & equipments to form integrated combat or mission systems
Having the proven technological capabilities and established infrastructure in the field of defense electronics as well as the proven performance of its military products, ASELSAN has been carrying out its activities in the frame of high quality standards to allow operability in any environmental condition for more than 40 years. In this sense, ASELSAN’s recognized reputation does not only come from being an equipment manufacturer but also comes from the integrator of those systems to naval platforms in such a way to offer outstanding performance in any operational conditions.
Now, ASELSAN is the main system integrator partner of the shipyards concerning combat, mission and warfare systems for naval platforms.ASELSAN, on the base of user requirements, has been developing Integrated Naval System Solutions supplying the most appropriate technical performance, by utilizing its experience and infrastructure on the fields of project management, systems of systems engineering, system integration and sub-system design & development.Platform Independent Solutions
Naval systems developed by ASELSAN allow various types and class of platforms to be integrated. Requirements according to the user inquiries and platform in concern, can easily be fulfilled by providing user friendly, optimal technical and cost-efficient solutions. Integrated system designs implemented by ASELSAN are being developed for various and multiple mission requirements.

Most effective mission solutions are developed by using various analysis techniques like mission effectivity analysis in parallel with the platform design phases. During mission effectivity analysis, performance of the combat system is analyzed using engineering level models of sub-systems together with the operational scenarios that the platform is intended to be used. Mission effectivity analysis is not only used for performance of the combat system against defined operational scenarios but also used for identifying most appropriate subsystems for the intended scenarios. After the analysis, most appropriate combat system solution is formed.
Platform designers are supported by not only information on combat system components but also with the results of analysis like radar cross section analysis, infrared signature analysis, ship acoustical noise analysis and EMI/EMC analysis. Ship designers are advised on the most effective super structure arrangement for the defined missions and the defined ship design. Furthermore, it is also possible to implement user defined modifications on the sub-systems developed by ASELSAN.

Integrated Logistics Support
With her Integrated Logistics Support experience, ASELSAN provides the worldwide logistics support during the lifetime of the systems. ASELSAN Naval Systems have been developed with modular architecture by utilizing 40-year-old software and hardware infrastructure of ASELSAN. Risk free and cost efficient solutions are implemented by supplying only the required units to the user unless mentioned otherwise.

Flexible Operational Requirements
The integration and modernization activities have been carried out according to platform’s and customer’s requirements. The missions include; Surveillance and Tactical Picture Compilation, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Surface Warfare, Anti Air Warfare, Naval Air Operation, Electronic and Acoustic Warfare, Search & Rescue, Naval Gun Fire Support, Asymmetric Warfare, Protection of Sea line Communication and Training.

ASELSAN has been providing integrated naval system solutions for more than 60 platforms both for domestic and international customers, by using its product spectrum that includes advance sensors, weapons, command, control and communication infrastructures as well as using 40 years of engineering experience signed under the projects executed over more than 35 countries in the world.

Sensor Systems: The naval sensors are the key elements of naval warfare activities. ASELSAN provides system engineering, development, integration and life cycle support of large scale systems to fulfill the operational requirements. In accordance with the concerned expertise, ASELSAN delivers wide range of sensor spectrum in which the systems are already utilized in many paramilitary & military applications and already integrated on to the various platforms under the projects executed by ASELSAN.
Response Systems: The multiple and different types of threats necessitate for a variety of response systems to protect high value platforms.
ASELSAN provides full range of solutions for the conditions requiring following parameters; fast reaction time, response capability during day, night and adverse weather conditions, precise fire control functionality, sequential response capability and high level of integration to command control intelligent systems. In this respect, ASELSAN’s Stabilized Weapon Systems and Pedestal Mounted Air Defense Systems are excellent examples that can be tailored according to the requirements of the customers.
Communications: ASELSAN’s Integrated Communication System for naval platforms comprises both ship’s internal and external communication functionalities including satellite communication.
The integrated system is based on high speed, secure and redundant communication backbone, which links system units with each other. The data is collected and sent via many alternatives including wire line, fiber-optical, radio terminals, microwave links or satellite connections. The high speed of information transfer maximizes the advantage of early awareness and gains valuable time for the responder units to get adapted to rapidly changing situations.

In summary, naval solutions are configured according to the customer’s desires. Thus adaptable, scalable and unique solutions are provided. ASELSAN employs below Integrated Naval System Solutions in order to fulfill the operational functions, roles and missions of naval domain:
– Electronic Warfare Systems
– Radar Systems
– Communication Systems
– Electro-Optic Systems
– Navigation Systems
– Stabilized Weapon Systems
– Gun Fire Control systems
– Acoustic & Sonar Systems
– Torpedo Countermeasure Systems
– Reconnaissance / Surveillance Systems
– Sensor & Weapon Control Systems
These Integrated Systems and their components can be used in day and night, harsh weather and geographical conditions providing standalone equipment and/or fully integrated naval solutions. Each System and sub system can be supplied individually as well as a part of a larger sensor and weapon control system to satisfy the operational requirements.
According to customer’s requirements of naval applications, ASELSAN integrates the most appropriate products from both its product spectrum and the available products in the market to form the naval combat system. Many criteria as technical suitability and availability, financial terms, delivery terms as well as life cycle support of large scale systems etc. are considered during the selection process (pre-system design phase).
ASELSAN’s state-of-the-art system design and integration Solutions for naval platforms are ready to serve world navies.

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