All new built ships to be adequate to dual-fuel by 2030


During the Greener Shipping Summit held in Athens, the future of the development and adjustment of new built ships’ engines to cleaner energies was discussed amongst leading maritime companies with the conclusion of all ships to be dual-fuel capable by 2030

Promotion Manager of MAN Energy, Michael Jeppens, said that by the end of 2024, they will be able to deliver the first ammonia-powered engine that they are currently working on for a Japanese shipyard. Jeppens added, the tests they have conducted were successful so far and that in 2025-26, a significant amount of ammonia-powered engines will be in use.

Division President for Medium and Low Speed Products in Accelleron, Christoph Rofka, mentioned:

Ammonia, methanol and LNG will be the future fuels. By 2030 all new builds will be dual fuel capable. The technology will ramp up faster than the availability of these new fuels.

Meanwhile, President of Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology, Nikos Liapis, emphasized the role AI can play in accelerating the reduction of carbon emission by optimizing the ship operations.

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