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Victor Wooten Trio Feat. Dennis Chambers-Bob Franceschini

Victor Wooten Trio Feat. Dennis Chambers-Bob Franceschini

Five-time Grammy Award winner Victor Wooten; the American musician, composer, writer and producer defined as the Bach of bass guitar, will be on Zorlu PSM’s stage on 24th & 25th of October with his band which will feature American jazz/funk drummer Dennis Chamber and American jazz saxophone player Bob Franceschini as guest artists.

Wooten, who was awarded the Bass Player of the Year honor by Bass Player Magazine for three years in a row being the only musician to gain the award more than once, was also number 10 in the 10 Best Bass Players of All Time list of Rolling Stone magazine.

Having released 10 albums throughout his solo career, Victor Wooten has an esteemed place in the music world with his ability to create sounds that resemble an orchestra with his 4-string bass guitar. Along with his solo career, he has been performing since his youth with The Victor Wooten Band,  which consists of family members and will be in Zorlu PSM on 11-12 November, as well as being the bass player of the bluegrass / funk band Béla Fleck and the Flecktones since 1988.

The supergroup SMV’s album “Thunder”, which he has released in collaboration with the legendary musicians Stanley Clarke and Marcus Miller in 2008, continues to be one of the most important works of Wooten’s career.

Apart from his musical career, Victor Wooten began his career as a writer with his first novel “Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music” and is currently working on a sequel.

The performance of The Victor Wooten Band featuring Dennis Chambers and Bob Franceschini will take place two days in a row on 24th & 25th of October bringing an exceptional jazz experience before you in Zorlu PSM.

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