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BDI eases amid slowdown in newbuild orders

Early in August, the BDI reached levels seen back in 2014, but dry cargo rates were generally lower in the following days. The index was at 1709, down 63 from last week’s 1773 when the Marine Deal News went to press.

The Capesize T/C index was down to $25,621 from $27,124 per day.

A number of newbuild orders were placed in China for various size and types, but the big orders we saw early this year have dropped off since end July. The holiday season continued with slow activity in the S&P markets.

Five Capes between Goodbulk and J.P. Morgan back in June failed therefore a new agreement has been reached for two of them only: Goodbulk was paid $68.3 million for “TRUE WINDSOR” (180,012 dwt, 2012 Daehan blt) and “TRUE NAVIGATOR” (2011 blt sister vsl).

Kassian Maritime of Greece has purchased Capesize “ROYAL CHORALE” (177,544 dwt, 2006 Mitsui Jpn blt) at $22 million.

Post-Panamax “TEN JIN MARU” (98,681 dwt, 2011 Tsuneihi Zhoushan blt) has been sold at $20.5 million.

Greek buyers paid $17.9 million for Kamsarmax “HAMPTON BAY” (81,508 dwt, 2009 Universal Jpn blt with SS/DD due in March 2019 )

Panamax “GLORY ROTTERDAM” (74,710 dwt, 2001 Hudong blt with DD passed before dely) has been sold at $8.1 million.

Genco sold their older Panamax “GENCO SUNRISE” (72,495 dwt, 1998 Imabari blt) to Chinese buyers for $5.45 million. 

Ultramax “AQUAPRIDE” (61,465 dwt, 2012 Iwago blt) has been sold to Suisse Bulkers for $20 million.

Pacific Basin purchased NYK’s “SAGAR JYOTI” (58,110 dwt, 2011 Tsuneishi Zhoushan blt with DD due 11/2018) at $16.5 million.

Supramax “NAUTICAL AVENTURIN” (56,778 dwt, 2012 Hantong Jiangsu blt) has been concluded at $13.55 million.

Greek buyers paid $15 million for Doun Kisen’s Supramax “BULK NEPTUNE” (55,657 dwt, 2009 Mitsui blt with SS/DD due April 2019).

Jinhui has sold “JIN CHENG” (52,861 dwt, 2003 Oshima blt) to Chinese buyers at $8.7 million.

Handysize “CLIPPER VALOUR” (34,790 dwt, 2003 Tianjin Xingang blt, 8,944 ldt with SS/DD due November) has been sold at $6.2 million.

Older handy “IDEAL BULKER” (28,460 dwt, 1994 Imabari blt) has been sold to Hong Kong based buyers at $4.2 million.


“CLIPPER NEWARK” (17,273 dwt, Built Tongfang Jiangxin 2011 Tongfang Jiangxin blt, 904 TEU, cranes 2 x 150 tons, 1 x 80 tons) heavy lift MPP vessel has been sold to German buyers at $9.5 million.



A few sale-leasebacks were reported this month by Scorpio Tankers (MR and Handy tankers) and by Hafnia Tankers (LR 1’s) but otherwise S&P market for the tankers was quiet this month.

VLCC “SHANGHAI” (319,275 dwt, 2015 Jinhai HI blt ) is reported to be sold to Delta Tankers at $51 million. There were five buyers that inspected the vessel and put bids, signaling some serious competition during the negotiations.

VLCC “SEA LATITUDE” (309,285 dwt, 2001 HHI Korea blt) has been sold at $22.5 million (equivalent to about $523 per long ton LDT) for further trading.

Sovcomflot has sold its LR2 m.t. “KAZAN” (115,727 dwt, 2003 HHI Samho blt, coiled with SS/DD due 2018) at $9.8 million.

Sovcomflot also sold its aframax “PETROZAVODSK” (106,449 dwt, 2003 Tsuneishi blt) for $10.4 million to ZPMC Shipyard of China, which will convert it into a semi-submersible heavy lift carrier.

Hafnia Tanker has made a sale and bareboat back deal with Sole Shipping for its “HAFNIA ARCTIC” (74,910 dwt, 2010 Brodosplit blt) and “HAFNIA ASIA” (74,490 dwt, 2010 STX blt) for a period of seven years with annual purchase options after the second year and a purchase obligation at the end.

Scorpio Tankers has also sold “STI TEXAS CITY” and “STI MERAUX” (both 49,990 dwt, 2014 SPP blt) along with “STI WEMBLEY” and “STI BATTERSEA” (both 38,734 dwt, 2014 Hyundai Mipo blt) for sale and bareboat back type of deal.

D’Amico has made another sale and bareboat back type of deal this month. It sold MR “HIGH LOYALTY” (49,990 dwt, 2015 Hyundai Miipo blt) to Japanese buyers at $28.5 million, with 10 years bareboat back including purchase options/obligation at the end.

Greek buyers purchased “SILVER EXPRESS” (47,401 dwt, 2009 Onomichi Dockyard) at $15.3 million. 

Chartworld has sold its older MR, “RIMAR” (45,999 dwt, 1998 Halla blt, epoxy coated) to Middle Eastern buyers at $5 million.

Older MR “ARCTURUS” (47,198 dwt. 1998 Onomichi blt, IMO III with SS/DD passed early 2018) has been sold at $6 million.


Pressurized LPG “G.COMMANDER” (78,479 cbm,  1995 Mitsubishi blt, 17,375 ldt with DD due Oct 2018) has been sold at $8.5 million.

Her sister “GAS AL GURAIN” (78,461 cbm, 1993 Mitsubinshi blt with DD due Oct 2018) has been sold to Thailand based buyers at $8.7 million.

Stealthgas has sold its older LPGs:

“GAS MARATHON” (6,500 cbm, 1995 Asakawa blt) for $3.5 million to Thai buyers.

“GAS TEXIANA” (5,000 cbm, 1995 Higaki blt) for $2.9 million to Vietnamese buyers.

“EPIC CORFU” (4,046 cbm, 2000 Watanabe blt) for $6.5 million.

“GAS SIKOUSIS” (3,514 cbm, 2006 Naikai blt) for $9.45 million to Vietnamese buyers.


Demolition activity has also slowed down due to the monsoon season in the sub-continent. Activities were also slow due to holiday season. Only one VLCC and one Aframax have been sold, the latter on private terms.

“RUBY IV” 38,531 281,050 2000 $430 as is Colombo dely

“BAHAMAS SPIRIT” 16,616 107,261 1998 – Alang dely

“KARTIKA SEGARA” 8,510 30,747 1998 $365 as is Batam

“KAYU PUTIH” 9,779 69,074 1995 $290 as is China.

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