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Sale-and-purchase transactions in the shipping industry

A large number of “fleet sales” — sales of multiple ships — were reported last month around the world. Many other similar deals are underway and as the negotiating sellers are mostly public shipping companies, large deals are expected to take place also this month.

Oldendorff of Germany sold 13 Ultramax bulkers to Chinese buyers, on an enbloc basis. The deal includes 6x Qingshan Ultramaxes (2018 blt M/V ‘ISA OLDENDORFF’, 2017 blt M/V ‘INGMAR OLDENDORFF’, 2017 blt M/V ‘INGRID OLDENDORFF’, 2017 blt M/V ‘IRENE OLDENDORFF’, 2016 blt M/V ‘IMME OLDENDORFF’, 2016 blt M/V ‘ILSABE OLDENDORFF’), 2x Yangzijiang Ultramaxes (2016 blt M/V ‘INDRA OLDENDORFF’, 2015 blt M/V ‘IRIS OLDENDORFF’), 3x 2014 Nacks blt Ultramaxes (M/V ‘JULIA OLDENDORFF’, M/V ‘JOHANN OLDENDORFF’, M/V ‘JOBST OLDENDORFF’), 2x 2014 Imabari blt Ultramaxes (M/V ‘PEMILLE OLDENDORFF’, M/V ‘PAUL OLDENDORFF’). The deal is said to be above USD 300 million enbloc for all 13 ships.

Pioneer Marine (which is traded in the Norwegian OTC) purchased 3x 36,000 dwt Hyundai blt handy bulkers M/V ‘ORIENT DELIVERY’ (2012), M/V ‘ORIENT DISPATCH’ (2013), M/V ‘ORIENT DEFENDER’ (2011) at USD 41 million enbloc.

Pacific Basin of Hong Kong purchased four bulkers for USD 88.5 million enbloc, however the transaction reportedly took place in the form of cash and a on a 50-percent share basis. Pacific Basin purchased M/V ‘GERALDINE MANX’ (58,000 DWT/ 2010 Tsuneishi Zhoushan in China blt) which was sold for usd 15.5 million (50 percent in shares).  M/V ‘IYO SEA’ (37,537 DWT / 2015 Imabari blt) sold for USD 20.5 million (50 percent in shares).  A newbuilding RESALE (64,000 DWT / mid 2018 from Tsuneishi Zhoushan delivery) was sold for USD 28 million (50 percent in shares) and a newbuilding RESALE (37,000 DWT/ 2018 Imabari delivery) was sold for USD 24.5 million (50 percent in shares).

There was a sale of two container vessels –M/V ‘YM UNITY’ and M/V ‘YM UTMOST’ (both 2006 HHI blt abt 8,200 TEU)– to Navios of Greece at USD 67 million enbloc for both ships. Navios also purchased M/V ‘ADAMASTOS’ (2010 Samsung blt container vessel with 9,954 TEU capacity) at USD 50.25 million.

Eagle Bulk has sold its Supramax M/V ‘THRUSH’ (53,297 DWT/ 2011 Yangzhou Dayang blt)for USD 11.3 million. It was active at the beginning of this year when it purchased M/V “NEW LONDON EAGLE” (63,140 DWT/2015 at Yangzhou Dayang blt) at USD 21.275 million.

There will be a tender on 19 July for the sale of 13 ships enbloc. The deal includes three 2009/2010/2011 Jinhai and SWS built Capesize bulkers (M/V ‘ORSOLA BOTTIGLIERI’, M/V ‘UGO DE CARLINI’, M/V ‘ROBERTO RIZZO’), 4x 2010 Hudong blt Post Panamax bulkers (M/V ‘GUISEPPE MAURO RIZZO’, M/V ‘MARIA CRISTINA RIZZO’, M/V ‘MARIOLINA DE CARLINI’, M/V ‘RBD ITALIA’), 4x 2010 Hodong blt Aframax tankers (M/T ‘ADELE MARINA RIZZO’, M/T ‘GIOVANNI BATTISTA DE CARLINI’, M/T ‘RBD ANEMA E CORE’, M/T ‘TOTONNO BOTTIGLIERI’) and 2x 2011/2012 Tsuneishi blt Aframax tanker (M/T ‘RBD GINO FERRETTI’, M/T ‘MARIA BOTTIGLIERI’) which belong to Rizzo Bottiglieri de Carlini Armatory of Italy, which bankrupted in January. The starting price on the tender will be USD 200 million enbloc.

Demo markets:

Tanker sales were conducted mainly at the beginning of the past month. Cash buyers managed to sell some of the previously unsold VLCCs. Most of these units were sold to Gadani Recyclers. However the prices were far below cash buyers’ expectations.

China has announced that it will be closing its doors to foreign ships heading into the Chinese scrap market from January 2019 onwards. This has caused prices to increase sharply since Chinese buyers are trying to import whatever vessels they can before China closes its doors to all foreign tonnage.

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